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The auto industry is no stranger to change. Whether the focus is performance, safety, convenience or fuel efficiency, automakers are constantly embracing new technologies that enhance the rides for passengers and set their brands apart.

Today, the industry finds itself at a crossroads with several technologies coming of age. By 2030, BloombergNEF projects global EV sales will reach 26 million, or more than 15 times the sales for 2020. A recent McKinsey report predicts autonomous driving will advance rapidly with 60 percent of premium customers saying they would switch brands to get a vehicle with these features.

Across these areas and more, SK operating companies are working under-the-hood and on the surface to enhance the performance and safety of vehicles:

  • SK innovation is developing lithium ion batteries that go further on a single charge, accelerating the green revolution and enhancing the driver experience for fewer stops on long trips.
  • SKC is providing window films that enable clearer vision, protective cable coverings for electrical components and materials that absorb high-frequency noises for a quieter, more relaxing drive.
  • SK telecom is helping keep self-driving vehicles on track, with real-time HD map updates for lane-level accuracy, while single-photon LiDAR improves passenger safety by identifying objects with laser focus to help prevent accidents.
  • SK siltron is developing new semiconductor materials used to create chargers, inverters and other power components that make electric vehicles more energy efficient.
  • Underpinning it all, SK hynix is delivering faster, stronger, and less power-consuming DRAM and NAND flash memory for an enhanced automotive experience, all of which are built in close collaboration with major auto industry players to meet automotive safety and quality standards.

The future of mobility has arrived, and SK companies are playing a major role. They’re providing the underlying technologies to create a new generation of automobiles that are safer, more environmentally friendly and more fun to drive (or simply ride in)!

Check out this video, “How SK is Driving the Future of Mobility,” for more on SK advanced automotive technologies.

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