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President Biden visited SK Siltron CSS in Michigan last fall to recognize the site’s support of the U.S. semiconductor industry and SK’s role in creating jobs across America.

Since then, the SK growth story in the U.S. keeps getting better. SK Siltron CSS had about 120 Michigan employees less than a year ago, and has nearly doubled since then. The company produces a special semiconductor material, silicon carbide, used to make power system components for electric vehicles (EVs).

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SK Siltron CSS isn’t alone in the SK growth story. SK Battery America, which makes batteries for EVs, recently announced exceeding its hiring goal of 2,600 employees for the Commerce, Georgia, site. SKBA now plans to reach 3,000 U.S. employees over the next year. It’s also opening a new IT center in nearby Roswell, Georgia, that will create another 200 jobs in support of its U.S. battery manufacturing facilities.

And SK Signet recently started construction on an EV fast-charger plant in Plano, Texas, that’s expected to create up to 183 jobs by 2026. The SK Signet site will be able to produce more than 10,000 EV fast-chargers annually, helping build out the infrastructure to support the wide-spread adoption of EVs.

These jobs and investments are playing a leading role in helping transition the U.S. to cleaner energy and making SK a bigger part of communities across the U.S.

To hear what President Biden had to say about SK, click on this video.

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