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SK Siltron CSS manufactures advanced materials that improve the performance of the world’s fast-growing electric vehicle fleet.

In Bay County, Mich., SK Siltron CSS manufactures silicon carbide (SiC) wafers, which form the building blocks for semiconductor chips that can help electric vehicles (EV) drive farther and charge faster. A single 6-inch diameter wafer can make about 450 semiconductor chips, enough for as many as eight EVs.

As more drivers switch to EVs - by 2040, every new car sold anywhere in the world is projected to be electric - SK Siltron CSS is expanding its manufacturing and R&D capacity in Michigan. Over the next three years, the company is committed to investing $300 million and doubling its workforce to nearly 300 employees.

In addition to SK Siltron CSS, across the U.S., other SK companies are investing in clean energy solutions, including EV batteries. For example, in Commerce, Ga., SK On has started operations at its first U.S. EV battery plant, and more sites are planned in Kentucky and Tennessee through a joint venture with Ford Motor Co. By 2025, SK operating companies plan to invest an additional $30 billion in the U.S. and create more than 16,000 jobs.

For more on how SK Siltron CSS’s SiC wafers help improve the performance of EVs, scroll down.

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