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As ever-increasing environmental challenges such as rapid climate change pose threats to our ecosystem, green ESG management of corporations for the sake of sustainable future is growing, becoming an all important issue.Accordingly, business organizations are launching a variety of initiatives to usher in the era of green mobility electric vehicles (EVs). We present you with how SK is committed to fostering an EV ecosystem.

SK Inc. takes a leap as the kingpin of underpinning technologies for eco-friendly EVs

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SK innovation expands the global presence of its EV battery business by harnessing critical EV technologies

Sk innovation electric vehicles 7 13 21

SKC grows its global competitiveness in the battery copper foil market

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Electric vehicles, a representative green mobility solution, have received attention as one of the critical pillars of the green era. We have covered the endeavors of SK companies committed not only to investments in the EV market, but also in the development of key materials and fostering the mobility ecosystem. SK aims to continue taking strides in green ESG management with its growing presence in the eco-friendly EV mobility market.

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